Audit log and reporting

Track your compliance processes in real time

Real-time logging

Quickly review any compliance decision

Can you easily audit how an application was processed?

- Easily find the complete log of an application

- Recover supplemental comments for any manual approvals

- Get full transparency on a third party's actions, like a BPO service

Compliance time machine

Understand past compliance decisions contextually

Can you quickly review past decisions and the policies that were used at the time?

- For any applications, review the workflow used at the time

- For any risk score, quickly find the risk matrix used at the time

- Prove why and how decisions were made at all times

Comprehensive reporting

Generate reports for your financial partners and regulators

Can you easily share a report of your compliance decision with all the related checks?

- Generate a comprehensive PDF on onboarded customers in a single click

- Integrate certificates from ID. verification and screening providers

- Integrate all documents received as part of an application

Benefit from deep integrations to best in class providers

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