Onboarding portal

Streamline your onboarding experience

Search and complete

Smart data suggestion

Are your customers or suppliers struggling to complete information about their companies?

- Autocomplete for company names across European registers

- Prepopulated corporate data and key related parties (directors, UBOs, signatories)

Guided data gathering

Customizable onboarding questionnaires

Is your onboarding able to meet your unique information needs?

- Add any questions or data requests to your onboarding flow so it adapts to your business needs and feeds your compliance decisions

- Use these custom fields to adapt your onboarding dynamically

Conditional onboarding flows

Smart document asks

Can your onboarding handle the complexity of multiple jurisdictions, corporate types or multiple products?

- Adapt your document requirements to:

  • each country needs and registries level of granularity
  • 10,000 legal types in Europe
  • the level of your data inquiry based on your products

Benefit from deep integrations to best in class providers

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