Flexible risk matrix

Your risk matrix, integrated in your compliance systems

Implement your risk matrix using no code

Can you update your risk matrix quickly? Integrate any custom data points?

- Quickly implement your risk matrix on the Ondorse platform with no code

- Use custom data points to calculate your risk score

- Connect your risk matrix to sanctions lists to match any amendments automatically

Integrated risk scoring logic

Use your risk scoring in your compliance processes

Is your enhanced due diligence process automated? Does the risk score of your applications drive your approval matrix?

- Use a risk score to determine whether a user has the right to approve an application

- Have a risk score automatically trigger additional checks as part of enhanced due diligence

- Trigger notification for high-risk applications to the right contacts in your organization

Real-time risk update

Dynamically update your risk score

Are data changes reflected automatically in your risk scoring?

- Measure your risks in real-time to quickly act on any risk changes in your customer base

- Automatically assess the impact of changes, such as updates to country risks

- Connect transaction monitoring data to your risk matrix

Benefit from deep integrations to best in class providers

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