The easiest way to verify your business customers

Ondorse is the business identity solution for fintechs and marketplaces.

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Top fintechs and marketplaces run on Ondorse

Now you can automatically check your customers and save real time and money

Your cockpit for customer verification and decisioning

With Ondorse, you can orchestrate risk, fraud and compliance services the way you want to verify your customers.

We help you expand seamlessly to new markets and reduce verification delays while staying compliant with your regulatory requirements.

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Build your own verification workflows

You can customize verification processes depending on the risk profile of your new users by assembling building blocs in different ways to create your own verification workflows.


Plug and play with identity products

You can use 25+ pre-integrated risk, compliance and data services into a single platform covering the entire business verification process, the way you need them. 


A powerful API and webhooks developers will love

Integrate our dev-friendly API and webhooks into your own product and tools to scale and automate processes for more compliant and efficient onboarding flows.

Always work with the right businesses

Results with Ondorse

60% reduction in manual review
 To reduce the cost of operational overheads
60% of account openings are automated For quicker onboarding decisioning
x2 customer conversion rate
 To enable fast business growth

1. Select and orchestrate the sources you need
2. Set parameters and rules to your specifications
3. Review the verifications on your applicants on a single platform

Ondorse’s set of customizable checks allows you to answer the following four questions:
1. Is this a real business ?
2. Will this business defraud us ?
3. Is this actually that real business ? 
4. Can we legally do business with them ? 


Digital banks
Payment service providers
Insurance companies
Crypto platforms

The easiest way to verify your business customers

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