Dynamic checks system

Your compliance policy enforced by design

Flexible checklists

Build the most flexible compliance workflows

Is your compliance infrastructure flexible enough to adapt to your unique needs?

- Build a compliance workflow that includes all the checks you need

- Use conditions to cover all your scenarios (countries, products,...)

- Create all types of manual checks to ensure your team or your BPO accurately follows your processes

Automated checks

Automate your compliance checks

Are manual checks slowing down your team?

- Automate data validation between submitted data and official information

- Automate controls via third-party service providers like IDNow, ComplyAdvantage

- Using programmable tasks, deploy your automation as a check in a workflow

Manual checks

Ensure adherence to your compliance policy

Are your compliance processes followed through?

- Add any required compliance checks, whether searching internal data or coordinating with another team

- Simplify your manual document checks by making sure they are systematically performed

- Coordinate more closely with BPO providers by working on a single platform, ensuring consistency

Benefit from deep integrations to best in class providers

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