Bridging the gap between tech and compliance: discover compliance-ops

Financial institutions of all sizes and sorts are rising to the challenge of converging onboarding teams and compliance experts in order to create agile hybrid teams. Enter ‘compliance-ops’.
Aymeric Boëlle

Changes in the Business and the Regulatory Landscape Make it Hard for Institutions to Keep up

Traditionally, there is a huge gap between tech teams that are heavily equipped to shoot down any operational challenge but usually very busy, on the one hand, and the compliance teams that need to adapt quickly to changing regulatory requirements and evolving risk-based controls.

This is especially true when FIs are opening to new countries to unlock borderless growth. As such, varying regulatory requirements become harder and harder to manage.

It is time that compliance teams stop waiting for engineers to modify systems and have better control over their risk and compliance operations.

Compliance-ops Can Now Implement Appropriate Risk-Based Controls

Compliance-ops are responsible for making control changes designed to mitigate risks associated with AML, CFT, fraud. They are also responsible for ensuring regulatory compliance, while continuing to improve operational efficiency. All this requires the ability to edit easily decisioning workflows.

Ondorse is a readily-available and fully customizable platform designed for compliance-ops to enhance their agility. Ondorse’s platform empowers compliance-ops to make control changes and operational enhancements to automate onboarding and monitoring decisioning.

At Ondorse, we are convinced that as compliance-ops teams evolve, they will become the heart of onboarding success for every financial institution.

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